Floorchem Hi-Seal 5ltrs

Floorchem Hi-Seal is primarily designed as a sealer for porous and semi-porous floors. For concrete floors it fills the pores and binds the surface together to prevent it dusting and wearing away. Floorchem Hi-Seal is a water based emulsion containing a blend of acrylic copolymers. It also contains additives which allow it to wet the floor surface even at very thin film thicknesses so that a very even coat is obtained. The product is used to provide a hard wearing, water and detergent resistant semi-gloss seal. When multiple coats are applied it forms a semi gloss finish which can be maintained and cleaned with solutions of neutral detergent solutions such as Kleenall or Lemon Floor Cleaner. Hi-Seal can also be used on porous floor tiles to block the pores prior to the application of a Dry Bright Floor Polish. Wood floors can also be sealed with Hi-Seal to bind the surface and reduce wear, but if it is intended to overcoat with Dry Bright Polish it is recommended that a polyurethane based sealer is used. Hi-Seal will give a durable, semi-gloss finish on non-porous floors but it is not normally recommended here because in the event that the floor needs to be stripped the Hi-Seal coating is difficult to remove. On non-porous floors Hi-Gloss is recommended.

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