Kitchen Hygiene– Food Prep Surfaces

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Description Price Quantity
Food Safe Slip Food Safe Slip 12x400ml 1222001X Please Login
fad 5 litre 1301 Food Area Degreaser (FAD) 4x5ltrs 1301005X Please Login
fad microshot 1 litre 1301001 Food Area Degreaser (FAD) 12 x1 Litre 1301001X Please Login
bacteria x 5 litre 1302 Bacteria X 4x5ltrs 1302005X Please Login
Safex 5 Litre 1322005 Safex 4x5ltrs 1322005X Please Login
5 litre smokeclean Smoke Clean 4x5ltrs 1325005X Please Login
Chemex-FAD-Green-Shield-5L-4 FAD Green-Shield 4x5Ltr 1341005X Please Login
Demon Premier 5 litre 1508005 Demon Premier 4x5 litre 1508005X Please Login
powerkleen 5 litre 1616 Powerkleen 4x5ltrs 1616005X Please Login
Powerkleen 1 litre 1616001 Powerkleen 1 litre (1x12) 1616001X Please Login
CPO 10 KG 1632 CPO (10Kg) 1632010X Please Login
1634 tablets AntiBak Tablets 1x100 1634100X Please Login
2547 Chlorine Tablets (6x200) 2547001X Please Login
2911001 Bactiwipes tub Bactiwipes 2911001X Please Login
2912001 ABC Wipes tub ABC Wipes - (6 tubs with 200 wipes in each tub) 2912001X Please Login

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