Chemzyme Block - New formulation

Chemzyme Blocks are designed to be used in combination with the Chemzyme Cage. The block fits inside the cage and the cage clips neatly into the urinal to provide long lasting control of odours and help keep pipe-work clear and free flowing. The water flush can be turned off altogether. Chemzyme Blocks contain a high concentration of enzyme-producing bacteria in a detergent and perfume base which slowly dissolves over time. The odours arising from urine are controlled by the enzymatic secretions of the bacteria breaking down the organic debris and leaving washrooms smelling fresh. Each Chemzyme Block in its cage will last approximately 4 weeks in a waterless urinal. A daily spray clean with Chemzyme Fresh, a bacterial based toilet cleaner is all that is required to maintain the urinal. When the Chemzyme Block has dissolved away simply unclip the Chemzyme cage and replace with a fresh one. This new formulation is better dissolving leaving a more consistent finish.

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